Because Our Stories Will Impact Our Future… Knights Speak

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We’ve made it incredibly simple to tell your climate story, and you’ll get FREE Knights gear when you do!

It’s your climate story. We want to help you share it.

We’ve made it super easy. Literally all you need to do is ramble on a video or voice recording or in an email and we’ll turn it into a post! We’ve even created a list of prompts if you need help getting started. Check them out!

Why? Because…

There’s Power in Our Stories

The more we share why we’re concerned about the climate and why we’re involved in climate advocacy, the more others will see themselves in us. They’ll better understand how we’re all in this together and see that they, too, can have a positive impact.

And just as there’s power in story, there’s power in numbers.

Pretty soon, one Knight leads to another, and that one leads to another one and so on.

As we’re all telling our stories, talking to neighbors, sharing on social media and amplifying messaging from other climate-focused groups and media outlets, more climate action happens and even more actions become possible.

See Knights Speak examples by our fellow Climate Knights Lena Milton and Beatriz Silva.

More for the Cause

It’ll help convince more people become Climate Knights, too. (And why not? There’s no cost, obligation or pressure involved!)

Together, we help capitalize and underline THE CLIMATE STORY, make it even more prevalent and urgent so elected officials and governments can’t ignore the crisis anymore. After all, the desire to be on the right side of science and history is powerful, too.

Earth Day Graphic
It’s Earth Day, and that means it’s the Climate Knights’ first birthday! Help us celebrate by submitting your Knights Speak!

So Let’s Do This!

Let’s share our stories, ideas, hopes and dreams for today and the future of our planet!

Simply record a video, audio or respond one or more of these prompts in an email and we’ll write your Knights Speak for you.

There are no parameters for length, topic or anything else, as long as your Knights Speak relates to climate change, and we’ll get your input and approval before publishing on The Covenant Blog, our e-newsletter or Knights social media.

And lest we forget, you’ll receive a free Knights T-shirt* or sticker** once your Knights Speak is published on the website!

Thank you, fellow Knights, for working together to assure our shared future.


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* While supplies last.
** Unfortunately, due to high international shipping rates, we can only send T-shirts in the United States at this time. We apologize to our fellow Climate Knights around the world. However, we can send stickers anywhere in the world, and that’s what we’ll do.

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