Knights Launch GoFundMe Campaign for Nonprofit Status

The Knights of the Climate Covenant have the watch! But we need your help.

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The pledge is signed. The need is critical. Time is of the essence.

The Knights of the Climate Covenant are engaging more people in the struggle against climate change, which is endangering the human race and our planet. To keep it going, we need your help.

So we’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to get the funds necessary to get us where we need to go.

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Obtaining Nonprofit Status

Specifically, we’re raising funds to help pay for legal services needed to obtain nonprofit status, which will:

  • Elevate the organization’s credibility.
  • Allow the Knights to raise funds from businesses, organizations and individuals.
  • Enable the Knights to apply for nonprofit grants.

We’ve completed some of the initial steps, such as applying for registration with the Secretary of State in North Dakota, but we need legal advice and guidance to ensure we do everything correctly to obtain 501(c)(4) status with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

We’re All Knights Already

Most of us are already fighting global warming in some way and on some level. That makes us all climate activists, and we can identify as such. Sometimes, though, it takes an invitation to get people to claim the title. Meanwhile, it’s human nature to like and identify with others who feel the same way. These are the simple ideas behind the Knights of the Climate Covenant.

Being knighted serves as an easy entry into the climate activism fold for people who are concerned but have not been given “permission” to think of themselves as activists, even though they’re probably already doing the little things that can help curb global warming. Once someone identifies with the cause and has a sense of belonging and shared objectives, they are more likely to increase the level of their commitment and engagement over time.

There are no costs, obligations or pressure beyond committing to the Climate Covenant.

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Knights Mission & Purposes

The Knights mission is to increase the number of people in the world who take nonviolent personal, community and political actions to address the climate crisis. See our purposes above.

Your Help Will Mean the World. Literally.

Your contribution to our GoFundMe of any amount will help the Knights get more people involved in the big and small solutions to the climate crisis while amplifying advocacy organizations and news outlets.

Thank you for your dedication to our shared future! Together we’re making a difference.

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