Knights of the Climate Covenant: The Concepts

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We all have good reasons for our climate activism. The Knights simply make it easier to identify as climate activists.

Everything starts with an idea. Knights of the Climate Covenant began with a confluence of several ideas, along with some climate crisis facts and proven concepts related to being decent humans.  

The Need is Critical. Time is Running Out to Change Climate Change.

Multiple studies and reports from climate scientists around the world make clear that humans are damaging Earth with CO2 emissions and there is very little time left to make the individual and societal changes necessary to ensure a viable future for the human race. Knights of the Climate Covenant exists to encourage and enable more people to identify as climate activists, then build on that identity by doing more to slow the acceleration of global warming and resulting climate change.

There’s Still Time and We’re Taking Action Already, Anyway

Most of us are already fighting human-caused climate change in some way and on some level, even if it’s something as simple as turning off the lights when we leave a room, eating less red meat or taking public transportation rather than driving. That makes us all climate activists. We just need more people to recognize this fact and use current behaviors as a foundation for increasing our activism. And joining the Climate Knights.

High Bar to “Climate Activist” Identifier

Traditionally there has been a high bar for entry into what many people consider the “official” environmental and climate-change activist community/identity. One has to:

Demonstrate deep commitment to environmental and sustainability causes.

Donate money to organizations like the Sierra Club, Greenpeace or Sunrise Movement, all of which are worthy of support.

Take action through one of these organizations at the local, state, regional, national or international levels, such as attend chapter meetings, speak to local groups, march in protests or write letters to politicians.

This is not possible for many work-a-day people, even in so-called developed nations, or for recent immigrants, refugees and people who reside in developing nations. Even when clearing the financial hurdle is possible, many people do not have the time, transportation, knowledge or other resources to do these things. 

There has not been an organization or identity for people who are already taking day-to-day actions and changing day-to-day behaviors to slow the acceleration of global warming that’s free and easy. The Knights of the Climate Covenant are filling this void, boosting more people over the bar and welcoming anyone and everyone into the environmental/sustainability/climate activism fold. 

Climate Knighthood is free, there’s zero pressure to do any more than one desires and there are no obligations beyond downloading and signing The Climate Covenant. And since there’s no tracking of who or how many people download the actual document, even that obligation is, for all intents and purposes, voluntary.

We Like to Be Invited

People like to be asked to join an activity, group or even a way of thinking. It makes us feel good, not to mention wanted. An overt invitation also can remove trepidation that would otherwise prevent us from taking the first step on our own. The Knights provide this invitation to anyone and everyone around the world. 

Some of Us Need “Permission”

Some of us need external permission to participate in an activity, group or way of thinking; we need someone or some entity to tell us it’s 0.K. Without that permission, we might not ever feel worthy, even if our worthiness is abundantly clear to people around us. The Knights state clearly that the invitation extended is also permission granted. 

We Need to Identify with People Who Think & Act Like We Do

While it’s true recent decades have seen significant declines in “joiners” of churches, clubs and civic organizations, many people still want to identify themselves somehow, as something, with other people who behave, think and feel the same ways about the world. It makes us feel good to say, “I’m a blogger,” or “I’m a Rotarian,” for example. There is safety for us in those types of groups and identifiers. The Knights provide a solid identity related to caring about the climate, environment and our fellow humans.

Promise Keeping

Research shows that when people sign their names to a pledge or contract they are more likely to keep that promise or uphold/fulfill its terms. The Climate Covenant is a simple pledge, provided in downloadable and signable form. 

Climate Activism Begets Climate Activism

Activism is a self-feeding and -growing activity. People who identify as climate activists are more likely to seek out additional activities and behaviors that reinforce the identity and further the causes we believe in. Someone who simply eats more locally grown vegetables this year might attend a meeting of a local environmental organization next year and fly to Washington, D.C. for a national climate-crisis protest the year after that.

All Reasons – and People – Are Welcome in the Climate Knights

In the words of one of our fellow Knights, “Inclusivity in the climate movement is crucial to effecting widespread change, and the Knights can start by welcoming everyone to the conversation.”

Whatever your reasons for joining the Knights of the Climate Covenant in the good fight for the planet and the future of the human race are, do it today!

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