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“It all started with the commercials with the Native American crying one lone tear.”

Why are you concerned about the environment and/ or the impacts of global warming?

I’ve been very concerned about the environment since I was a kid. It all started with the commercials with the Native American crying one lone tear. From there I began to learn all I could in order to find out what I could do. I remember doing a project in 8th grade to determine what detergents were biodegradable and other such information. I’ve never stopped caring.

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Climate change” encompasses a huge range of issues. What specifically has you concerned?

Everything from changes in the weather to all the damage fracking is doing to all the plastic in the oceans and the damage that is causing, plus out-of-control warming, the impacts on wildlife and so much more.

What climate-crisis-related issues or impacts are affecting you and your community?

I had to buy an air conditioner about three years ago because it got so hot in my apartment (Air conditioning not included – old building where one wasn’t needed when you live in the basement, they said. Yeah, right.) I was sick all the time. The fires last year made the air unbreathable, as well. The number and severity of floods I’ve lived through in the past 25 or so years. Runoff of pesticides because farming is done so poorly now. That’s all I can think of at the moment though I know there’s more.

What do you consider to be the most important actions individuals, communities, states and/ or nations need to take to protect the environment and curb global warming? Why?

Stand up and be heard. Recycle. Do things like composting and using rain barrels for watering. We need to GO GREEN in every way possible. Get away from pesticides. Go back to planting trees and allowing wildflowers to grow. I was thrilled to see the ditches (in Minnesota) allowed to grow wild grasses, flowers and such. Protect all water, all land and animals. Biodiversity is a necessity. There’s so much more.

Why did you join the Knights of the Climate Covenant?

Because I believe in taking care of the planet. Without it we have nowhere to live.

How are you working to address or raise awareness regarding the existential threat of the climate crisis?
  • I post on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I sign petitions.
  • I send emails to state legislators and federal Congresspeople.
  • I walk when I can.
  • I talk to people who actually listen to what I have to say.
How do you think we can better support one another as environmental/ climate crisis activists and Knights of the Climate Covenant?
Kay Randall
Knight of the Climate Covenant Kay Randall

I’m not sure, but I believe groups like this are very beneficial. In an area like ours (where the majority of people are conservative, and most of them are climate-change deniers), at least you don’t feel so alone, so that’s good.

Kay Randall lives in Minnesota in the USA. Her environmental activism includes moderating the Fargo-Moorhead Progressive Chat group on Facebook.

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