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Atlantic bluefin tun
Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) off the coast of Madeira Island, Portugal.
Photo by PAULO OLIVEIRA / ALAMY via Yale Environment 360

Saving the Animals: We Can Do It, Together

In nature there are many species of animals, but due to climate change many of the species are going extinct. Our planet has a huge variety of species, but many of them have already disappeared.

The extinction of many of these animals is a direct result of climate change because climate change is destroying their natural habitats. Related to that is pollution from the recoil of piles of garbage and oil, among others, that end up in the ocean; the indigenous animals to eat the garbage we produce and end up dying.

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Many associations around the world are dedicated to minimizing the destruction of these habitats and protecting the animals. Seeing their work makes me so happy that I decided to join an LPN League for the protection of nature.

One of the most recent cases of extinction of animals that I’ve seen was that of a species of turtle which was seriously harmed by ocean pollution.

Other examples of animals I’m concerned about, and whose situations are made worse by climate change:

  • Equus africanus – African wild ass
  • Monachus schauinslandi – Hawaiian monk seal
  • Canus refus – red wolf
  • Elephas maximus – Asian elephant
  • Panthera tigris tigris – Bengal tiger
  • Thunnus thynnus – Atlantic bluefin tuna

And there are so many more. 

Reflecting on these words, I realize the planet is getting worse, but we can change that course and our planet by doing things like cleanup campaigns that show people our potential when we work together and that, in many cases, it costs nothing to help.

Photo of Beatriz Silva holding two dogs
Beatriz Silva, Knight of the Climate Covenant


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Beatriz Silva is a Knight of the Climate Covenant and a student in Portugal, where she lives with her parents, her sister and her dog, Simba.

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