Fighting the Climate Crisis

We are a nonprofit community of activists working to address the climate crisis and counter climate-change denial.

Knights of the Climate Covenant is a nonprofit organization of activists dedicated to increasing involvement in nonviolent actions that help address the climate crisis. Knights are advocates who are committed to making a difference in the fight against global warming and resulting climate crisis, thereby ensuring a viable future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

We’re so committed, in fact, that we’ve each signed up and signed on to The Climate Covenant, which is the people’s promise to protect our planet.

People around our Round Table range from hardcore, badass marchers and protesters to grandmothers who carry their own containers to the local deli. Each of us is doing whatever we can, wherever we can and whenever we can to slow climate change.

Knights of the Climate Covenant launched on Earth Day 2021 to allow more everyday people to identify as climate activists and commit to making a difference in the fight against the climate crisis. Regardless of whether it’s changing personal behaviors, helping others change theirs, advocating for climate action or holding elected officials accountable, and no matter how substantive or seemingly insignificant our activities, we are all Knights of the Climate Covenant.

It costs nothing to take the pledge, and there are no other costs or obligations. To have more of an impact on climate crisis awareness, grab some Climate Knights gear. You can display and wear it with pride, letting everyone know you’re proud to be a Knight of the Climate Covenant and increasing awareness of the critical need for immediate action. Besides, you’ll look amazing at the next climate march.

Closeup image of a Knight of the Climate Covenant in armor.

Proceeds, after expenses, are used to amplify the messages of climate advocacy organizations and climate-focused news and information outlets.

Anyone can be a Knight of the Climate Covenant. Please join us in the good fight today!