Climate Knights vs. Climate Crisis

We are a nonprofit community of advocates & activists working nonviolently to fight the escalating climate crisis, counter climate-change denial and call out greenwashing.

Knights of the Climate Covenant is a nonprofit organization of climate advocates and activists dedicated to increasing involvement in nonviolent actions that help address global warming and the climate crisis. Knights in 10 nations and 19 U.S. states (so far) impact the fight against global warming causes, and well as climate-change disinformation and greenwashing, to improve the chances for a viable future on Earth for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

Take the Pledge. Save the Species.

There’s something powerful about making a promise in writing and putting your signature to it. The act makes the promise more concrete, more real, which means we’re more likely to think about it when making decisions and, ultimately, more likely to keep the promise. It helps us consistently maintain our integrity, if not for others then at least for ourselves. That’s what The Climate Covenant is all about.

And the fact is we’re doing this for ourselves. Ultimately the planet will be fine, but if we don’t take action quickly, human beings will not.

Download and sign The Climate Covenant today!

Graphic-Knights of the Climate Crisis Purposes Masthead

Raise awareness regarding the existential threat of the climate crisis
and inform people of actions each of us can take to combat it.

Engage people in addressing the climate crisis in whatever ways we are able.

Enable anyone and everyone who is concerned about climate change to identify as climate activists.

Amplify the messages of climate crisis activists and climate-focused news outlets.

Inspire people to talk about the climate crisis with our families, friends, neighbors and elected officials.

Normalize mindsets and behaviors
that reduce and eliminate negative environmental and planetary impacts.

Support each other in a world with an overabundance of climate-change deniers.